2022 Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway

These new 2022 Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway models are making fans happier than the Wood models were. They are redesigned with a larger style wheel which is the biggest giveaway if they are 2022 vs old style at a quick glance.

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Hiro Wooden Train Engine

Hiro is a steamie engine is a larger steam engine with a tender compared to Thomas. He is black with gold detail and red wheels. If you want to add Hiro to your collection, grab him here.

Wooden Train Engine James


This wooden railway James from the 2022 collection is a nice red engine and larger like Hiro. He has black wheels and an accurate wheel arrangement. He is easy to get through Amazon so you can start playing with him right away!

Gordon Wooden Train Review

Gordon is a wooden engine that I was very happy to get. In this 2022 version, he is blue with red details and blue wheels with a special facial expression. Grab him here to add him to your collection!

New Rosie from Thomas & Friends Train Series


New Rosie from the newest style of Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway. Rosie is red in color with the number 37 and darker red detail with a brighter red wheel. She is a steamie that is short like Thomas. She is a lot of fun and one of the few girl engines that have been released for this new line. Add some new characters with Rosie.

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Overall, I like them because of the more details but some of the older style wooden railways are still my favorite.