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A Cursed Delivery is a book part of The Train to Impossible Places Series by PG Bell. Two of the main characters were Suzy and a Germlin, and other fun characters. The book takes place in 3rd person. The story takes place all over in the make believe town of Impossible Places.

Steam engine train that runs on bananas. That’s bananas! I don’t know how that would smell but I imagine if it smelled like cooking banana bread that would smell delicious, otherwise I don’t think it would smell good. They could go rotten.

The storyline was good, because of them trying to out run avoid her, the bad person named Lady Crepuscula. It was considered cursed because they didn’t want to deliver the package to Lady Crepuscula. I didn’t like that the mail train didn’t have a mail car only a tanker.

Most of the book takes place on the train, but some of it takes place in town like in the snow globe and getting sucked up by a black hole.

Overall, I would recommend this book to a friend if they like trains or magical creatures. You wouldn’t recommended it if you don’t like long fun books that take place in a magic location.

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