Check out the model train exhibit in Kansas City inside Union Station! This extraordinary place is located in Kansas City, Missouri. It is a lot of fun for train lovers of all ages!

Exploring the Rails

It has a lot of model scales like Z, N, HO, O, and G. The main table has 3 of the scales that I mention HO, O, and G. There is a whole table dedicated to the N scale and one dedicated to HO. There also is a Lego train setup, but it was closed on the day we were there.

Also, there is another German G scale setup and a tiny Z scale table. It’s really interesting to see how small, yet complex this design is with all of its very miniature attention to detail and those super small moving parts on the model trains. Obviously, being a very tiny gauge of train, it doesn’t take up near the space that any of these other tables take, but it is still amazing nonetheless!

curves of a train track on the main model train table display in kansas city

There is a larger U-shaped display that is an O Scale Table. It features large tunnels and bridges with greenery and a town including some industrial buildings in a mountainous setting. A nice contrast to the industrial section and the small-town look is a cool looking UFO at the front end of one of the sections.

Also on the O gauge table, there is a little loop that Thomas the Tank Engine runs on. It runs on a lower level than the rest, coming out of tunnels underneath the upper O gauge section. It looks like it is still being finished and worked on but it’s a very unique design. Right now there are just a few loops, but some of them don’t run.

U Shaped Model Train in Kansas City
track on a table

There is a Marklin HO scale table that features buildings, a bridge, and a tunnel with a small town. This display also has a mountain ridge as well as a nice bridge and village featured here. All of the trees on the mountain range and around the town and tracks really add a great look to it. The far curve around the middle buildings is made into a really cool U shaped bridge going around and over some water. For one of the smaller tables, it was definitely decorated with a large amount.

marklin display with buildings and track

The largest main table at the model train exhibit in Kansas City has different scales including G, O, and HO. Most of the tracks are in a loop. There was an M&M train and a whole army and military train. They did a really good job coding the trains and making sure none of the engines crashed. There are several bridges only a few tunnels. There is a section with all the tracks having a bridge with blue water underneath including Nemo and dinosaurs following under the track. A lot of the buildings they have are cool and even light up inside.

loops with tunnel

There are industrial buildings, a barn, and houses. It’s fun to spot different objects like a penguins, Dinos, and other things and in a certain buildings. There are Thomas characters throughout the display and make sure you keep an eye out for the occasional DC superhero hanging around!

Dinosaur attacking the model

This is quite a setup with all of the different scales running together. I love that the larger scale trains run closest to the viewer while the smaller scales tend to be up on the higher levels and towards the center of the table. It may or may not have been planned, but it gives a neat illusion of perspective as it the scale and trains get smaller as they are further away from where you stand.

bridges with train going over

There is a standard HO table track with an amazing looking tornado on the far end of it. What’s even better is that every so often it will produce lightning and thunder effects to really make it seem like it’s coming alive. I loved how they used Tidmouth Sheds as the engine sheds, adds a nice little touch to it that Thomas fans will love. The old mining town has some mountains with trains going beside the cliff. It has a ginormous station that fits ten tracks for the people to board the train.

western theme with train table

Another of the train tables at the model train exhibit in Kansas City is the N scale table. Like the others, it also has mountains and a city. This is one of the few with a tram rail car included. It’s build very differently and fits in perfectly with the long Main Street of the city. It’s super surprising how much they are able to fit into a small space with this being a smaller gauge.

The most unique part of this area is the nod to downtown Kansas City with the Western Auto building being a focal point towards the center. There are less trees and vegetation in this model but it’s made up for with a great looking city and industrial design.

N Scale Table with tree and buildings around the track

Unfortunately, the LEGO train table wasn’t as easy to see while we were visiting. It was behind a roped off section displayed about eight feet back. Seeing the small details was a little on the more difficult side but it does have a pretty cool western theme. The individual buildings were a little tough to make out at such a distance other than the church, general store, and cemetery. Still, very cool, just wish it was a part of the main exhibit or at least closer to the rope.

Lego Table Layout in KCMO

The wall of various train signs collected from tracks and different train companies is very interesting and makes for a very wonderfully decorated wall at the far entrance to the exhibit.

Train Signs on the Wall in Kansas City

Overall, this is an amazing model train exhibit in Kansas City and a must see for any train lover! Be sure you go to Union Station and check this out the next time you’re in the Kansas City area!

signal box with special characters

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