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The Great Brain Robbery is part of the Train to Impossible Places Series written by PG Bell. Suzy is back in another adventure on the train with her friends. They have to delivery a package to Trolltown when an earthquake happens. Suzy and her friends go deep into Trolltown to see why all these earthquakes are happening. They have to stop the earthquake before its too late and Trolltown is destroyed.

It was a good storyline, because of how they have to stop the earthquakes and the different villains they have to go thru. The book is fun though because it has many jokes going on throughout the book.

This book was good but I enjoyed the first book better, you can see my review on it here. It is cool how they upgraded the train so much with the go faster stripe on the HEC. The book has a few pictures but not many. One of them makes me laugh because if you ever seen Harry Potter it looks like a train track is going into his room.

The book is good for ages 8-12 who like magical unbelievable fun tales especially if you want them placed on a train.

Overall, travel thru the valley into Trollville to see this adventure happen with magic and the funny banana train.

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