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This book, Murder on the Safari Star, is the third book in the series Adventures on Trains. The book has three main characters: Uncle Nat, Hal, and Winston.


The book starts out on Christmas morning. Hal got a present from Uncle Nat, which turned out to be train tickets for a train in South Africa. It was for a very big steam train traveling through South Africa on the second-longest straight track in the world. These books always have suspense in a good page-turning type of way.

Some of my favorite pages are the layouts of the train. The train featured an engine with its tender. There is a dining car, four sleeping cars, a lounge car, an observation car, and then storage cars.

Once they got to South Africa they saw animals and people all over. Hal saw Winston at the station and then met him on the train. Uncle Nat and Hal had a compartment car, it had a lot of furniture and room.

This book had double trouble with needing to solve two mysteries. After the murder on the train, Hal and Winston decided to solve the mystery. There were snakes running loose on the train. I am glad it wasn’t me, as I don’t like snakes. Hal is becoming a better detective in my opinion, as he learns more with each book. Hal listens to others on the train and talks to them to learn details to solve the mystery. Winston and Hal dined in the dining car with animals, which is cool. When they are on the train, they went to the observation car to see the mountains, I hope to do that someday.

Uncle Nat, Hal, and Winston had a very fun time on the train and can’t wait for the next adventure. Hopefully, they can catch the train.

If you like trains and mystery, don’t delay and buy this book today.

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